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Corporation Brief

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\L1002601-1.jpgShanghai Wakamatsu Metal products co., ltd  is located in a diverse area  situated between Jiang Su Province, Zhe Jiang Province and the city of Shanghai.  The beautiful landscape is supplemented by the convenience in transportation which is conveniently located close to HuQingPing and 318 highways.  The site that Shanghai Wakamatsu company sits upon is the mid-way point on any road between the city of Shanghai and the adjacent provinces. 

Shanghai Wakamatsu Company is a leading maufacturer and developer of quality stainless steel products that is widely used in various industries of construction,  healthcare, fire safety, and industrial equipment.  A large majority of our products are sold in countries such asJapan, theUnited Statesand other industry related countries. 

Much of our technical expertise is derived from research and development withinJapanthat includes management policies that increase efficiency in producing a quality product.    

Our company is ISO9001 certified since 2008.  Our quality control standards are higher than many of our competitors and it is this reason that Shanghai Wakamatsu Company will continue to bring quality and efficiency to many aspects of stainless steel products.  Our company goal is to combine quality products with efficient techniques to our customers. 

You are more than welcome to visit our facilities and we hope to be able to serve your company with the same quality and efficiency that Wakamatsu Company is founded upon.